June 2018: We are very happy to publish the fact that very soon, for the next academic year, PHJC sisters will open a nursery school in a medium sized town in Osun State, Ilon Ifobu, in Oshogbo diocese. The inhabitants of the town are sad that there is no good school in the town. It is a predominantly Muslim town, but the town fathers approached the Catholic bishop of Oshogbo to ask for a good school, and the bishop requested our sisters to go and do that. Two sisters will go there and start the school.

Resurrection experience in another form

In the last twelve years, we accepted children several times who had been neglected, thrown out or starved. All of them developed well. They now have life, hope and a future. We show the beginnings and what the children are now. For more examples see the site about Mgbele.








On March 25th, 2018, three novices and one postulant were accepted into the formation community in Garam. We wish them all a fruitful growth into the congregation.

Good news from Ibokun, Catering and Hospitality school:

The first batch of 30 students graduated with good success. We only hope they all get good and safe jobs after working so hard for their graduation. See some of the work they did.

For January 18th, the sisters are expecting 40 new students

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